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-Mahatma Gandhi
Consider this story, in case you feel that societal issues are outside your scope The task will be to construct a universe that is better. I answered? The planet is such a vast place, therefore complicated and I am so small and useless. There nothing I could do. But God in his great wisdom said.
- Anonymous
The moral values pose a view of the growth of nation or any society. They tell us from what extent nation or that a society has ever grown itself. Values are virtues, ideals and qualities about which beliefs and activities are all based. Values are guiding principles which shape attitudes, the world view and conduct. Values however are either innate or acquired. Innate values are the moral qualities like simplicity, humility, endurance, responsibility, collaboration, honesty and respect as well as our inherent divine virtues like mercy, peace, happiness, love and compassion.
Acquired values would be these external values adopted in the "location of birth" or "place of expansion " and

Are influenced by the environment. Cases of values will be the mode of dress, how you emphasise habits, customs, habits and trends of just one .
The Primary Causes of moral degeneration are:
- Lack of respect for the sanctity of human life.
- Break down of parental control of children in households
- Insufficient respect for authority, found through the brazen breaking of law and
Complete disregard for Regulations
- Crime and corruption
- Abuse of drugs and alcohol
- Abuse of children and women, and other members of society.
- Lack of respect for other people and land.
To solve these type issues it is vital to know the chief sources for the above mentioned problems. We know today children are the citizens of tomorrow . The future of the next generations will probably be if we give education to the presentday kids. My opinion education may be the solution for all types of the problems. Today we live in the century. If we utilize science and technology in the appropriate manner it's not tough for us to resolve all the problems of this non-moral and appreciate things.The chief object of this analysis is to inculcate moral and value based instruction in colleges and schools also to learn that precisely the attitude of intermediate pupils towards ethical principles. Gandhiji advised the offenders of Sabarmati Ashram to the Custom of These values in their day-

To day life:
Inch. Ahimsa
2. Non-stealing
3. Non-possession
4. Swadeshi
5. Manual work
6. Fearlessness
7. Truth
8. Chastity
9. Equality of religion
10. Removal of untouchability
11. Control of palate
Life Objectives and personal traits:
Characteristics and life goals are necessary for all sorts of men in the society.
lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and fortune :
- A world at peace (without any warfare and conflict)
- Freedom (freedom, free choice)
- Wisdom (a mature understanding of life)
- Happiness (contentedness)
- An exciting life (a stimulating, lively life)
- Equality (brotherhood, equal Chance for everyone )
- A comfy life (a prosperous lifestyle )
- Self-respect (Self Esteem, feeling great about yourself)
- Salvation (religiously saved, eternal life)
- Mature love (sexual & spiritual intimacy)
- Social appreciation (respect, admiration)
- a Feeling of achievement (I've made a lasting contribution)
- Family safety (taking good care of family members )
- Authentic friendship (close companionship)
- A world of beauty (beauty of character and the arts)
- Inner harmony (independence from internal battle )
- Pleasure (a fun, relaxing lifestyle )
- National safety (protection from attack)
Personal Characteristics:
- Self-controlled (believes first, controlled, Selfdisciplined )
- Honest (sincere, honest, disclosing)
- Loving (tender, tender, caring)
- Ambitious (difficult working, aspiring)
- Cheerful (lighthearted, happy )
- Responsible (dependable, reliable)
- Independent (Selfreliant, adequate )
- Broad-minded (open minded, able to determine other perspectives )
- Polite (courteous, well mannered)
- For Giving (willing to pardon others)
- Intellectual (smart, reflective, educated )
- Helpful (working for the welfare of many others )

- Capable (capable, powerful, adept )
- Logical (consistent, rational, conscious of reality)
- Clean (tidy, clean )
- Imaginative (bold, inventive )
- Courageous (Taking a Stand to your beliefs, strong)
Hogan (1973) believes that moral behavior is dependent upon five factors: (1) Socialization: becoming aware as a young child of society's and parents' ' rules of conduct for being good.

Judgment: deciding our own and learning to think reasonably about our own ethics

Ethical criteria. (3) Moral feelings: the internalization of our moral beliefs to the level we feel shame and remorse when we neglect to accomplish that which we "should. " (4) Empathy: the understanding of other people's position, feelings, and demands so that you is forced to help those in need. (5) knowledge and commitment: knowing the steps involved with helping others and presuming one is accountable for and capable of doing.
Now we facing so many problems like people, poverty and terrorism issue. It's vital to inculcate moral values in curriculum. Education is an effective weapon. Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it really is his handsand where it's aimed. (Joseph Stalin)
Curricular Activities:
Due to industrialization, liberalization and globalization rapid changes are occurring in all sciences. The worthiness possessed and their perspectives in line with the changes should be known up to date vast developments are occurring at the education. Thus called philosophical bases of India are falling day to day with the country at a nation of social turbulence, purposes and both the goals of education need to be updated and reassessed. Through education we are able to change the world.
- By giving a location for ethical values within the program.
- Moral values can be explained through examples and stories.
- Throughout novel poetry and stories we can inculcate moral values.
- drama of a story in the lesson.
- educated pupils through posters, advertisements and dramatizations; these really are a part

In the curriculum.
- By introducing a class on moral values as a part of its Master Degree in Developmental

- devoting course training to come up with moral values in the society.
- By educating citizen by setting up offices all over the religion.
- First of all women. Mother is the first teacher. Motivate every girl

To be familiar with ethical values throughout special class like "Gandhian Studies".