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The experience of successful people is undoubtedly very important to us, because they not only know the road to success, but also know which road is not feasible after experiencing failure. These experiences are of great reference value to the latecomers. Friends who have passed ccna are very willing to share their experience with you.

A netizen collected some experience and sorted it out, hoping to help friends who are preparing for the ccna exam.

Winner 1:

The examination questions are not difficult. The main thing is to understand the knowledge points. After understanding, you will feel very relaxed.

The selection of materials is very important for the success of the examination. If you participate in training, it may not be a problem. If you are self-taught, it is very important. You need to get the official information of cisco press. You need to collect it widely. You need to understand that the scope of cisco examination is very wide.

In the process of learning, we should pay attention to methods, and more importantly, we need perseverance. If you have relevant work experience, it may be easier to learn, otherwise, you need to pay more labor.

Examination is the key to test your study. You need to adjust your form. In the exam to maintain self-confidence, until the last question, never give up. In the exam, you will definitely encounter things you are not familiar with, or even have no contact with. Don't be nervous. Because you don't want to get full marks, the important thing is to do well in every subject you knowif you make a mistake about what you know and what you don't know, the consequences will be predicted.

After fully mastering the basic knowledge of certification examination, the simulated test can only help to review each knowledge point in a random way.

Winner 2:

The teaching materials of cisco are the best and most authoritative. The textbook of the examination is subject to cisco. The book must be read carefully, not by chance. The concept should be clear, and "All changes are inseparable from their origin"! No matter how strange the problem is, it will not deviate from the principle. Read the original edition of cisco, if the network foundation is good, do not read the chinese version of the book.

Every option offered by cisco is easy to make people vague and uncertain. If the concept is not very clear, such as some details, it is easy to feel that everything is reasonable and difficult to choose. Therefore, when preparing, we must pay full attention to the key concepts and the details mentioned in the textbook. When choosing, we should have confidence in our own memory and not change our first choice at will. Another key point is ios operation. The commands will be listed for you to choose. It's easier to remember some of the habitual syntax and general parameter order of ios commands. The last point is that you can't step back in the exam, that is, you can't look back after a question is over, so you must understand the question and see the question clearly. The characteristic of the concept question is that the situation he described is not the key to the problem, the key is the essence of the question, and he won't tell it in clear language you have to rely on this concept, but you have to think about it from left to right. But to choose the right answer, you need to see the key concept it actually designs. The whole exam time is very abundant, 105 minutes 65 questions, generally 40-50 minutes can be completed, but still that sentence, careful in careful.

Three winners:

Think about it later, the whole review process, mainly three things.

1. Sybex ccna 2.0640-507 study guide is absolutely a good thing, which needs to be read carefully, especially to understand the basic concepts. Hands on labs at the end of each chapter must be operated by hand and familiar with its results.

2. Ccna requires a deeper understanding of cisco's private operating system ios. A router simulator is very necessary. There are many good router simulators. For example, ccna virtual laboratory published by sybex authorized electronic industry press is very good. It can simulate a virtual environment (two 2600 fuel dispensers and one 1900 switch), and gain practical experience in configuring routers and switches.

3. I finished three sets of boston exercises before the examccna's questions, about more than 600, are mostly concept questions, and they are very familiar with the questions in the actual examination, and have gained a lot.

The most important thing is to recite the ccna study guide published by sybex for seven times, and repeat the title for three times. (it seems that there are more than 500 questions in total.)

Winner 4:

The following books are good reference materials for you to look at:

One is wendell odom, author of cisco ccna exam ﹣ 640-507 certification guide published by cisco press.

The other is ccna cisco certified network associate published by sybex company study guide.

There are also four reference books in china, which are generally available in large computer bookstores:

One is the cisco ccna certification examination (640-507) guide of people's posts and telecommunications press the other three books are ccna of china machine press cisco and ip addressing, cisco ios ip technology guide.

As for routers, i like routersim2.0. I think it's suitable for ccna. SPOTO router test3.38

Five winners:

To sum up, i have the following experience:

I have a good grasp of osi reference model and tcp / ip model; i have used cisco's low-end router; i have some foundation for the operation function of exchange machine;

I have a good command of osi reference model and tcp / ip model before the exam, i read sybex strongly recommended by netizens and did about 50 SPOTO3 questions as a warm-up. I feel that it is necessary to take a look at the review questions at the end of each chapter of sybex, because for the review of ccna, you are not afraid that you are not proficient enough, just afraid that you are not careful enough. After making the review questions, you can check whether you have seen all the key points. In addition, i don't think we should spend too much time on ccna ptc. Of course, it's good to increase our knowledge, but this set of questions is not helpful for the exam - i think the ccna questions are very straightforward and the answers are very clear, and they won't be as confusing as ptc. I suggest you take a look at the ccna 160 questions on cisco and network technology website as a summary learning. I won't repeat the rest. The sixth winner:

Some suggestions:

To be honest, the difficulty of SPOTO's simulation questions is low, but the knowledge points are relatively clear. The test questions will not be as "Naked" As SPOTO's questions, that is, you can know the answers by just looking at the options. In short, the real test questions may combine 2-3 knowledge points of SPOTO's questions into one question, and the answers will be more obscure, if you don't understand that knowledge point or don't read the question carefully, you can't choose the right answer. The real test questions and interference items still have a certain strength. So i hope you can review them carefully and cover a larger area. But you don't have to study some parts too deeply. The test requirements of ccna are only in the primary level test questions well, from
The webmaster of chenqingdong has given me great help, the experience of examinees, the download of cheet sheet and the simulator of examination questions! I always feel that in wan, isdn and frame relay have got quite a lot of tests, and they are always popular now. I'm afraid they all have 8 questions - about 9

There is also sybex. After the book, we need to read and do the written labs and hands-on labs carefullyyou. (original words of sybex author)

Winner 7:

Let's talk about the selection of teaching materials first. I read sybex's < ccna study guide second edition >, and i read it twice. Another one will be used in the official textbook published by cisco press, because the description of things in the examination questions comes from the original sentences in the textbook. If you look ahead, you will not feel like reading in the exam. Moreover, i have to say that sybex's guide has incomplete knowledge. For example, i have two isdn protocols (e-series, i-series, q-series) problems, which are not emphasized in the guide. In contrast, the knowledge of the official textbooks is very authoritative, but all of them are too much, and all of them are not tested by ccna. In my opinion, todd rammle in sybex is more vivid and humorous, and i don't feel tired to read it. However, the words and sentences of cisco press are too written, which seems very boring! Fortunately, sybex's < >

Knowledge points are not clear, and there are remedies, so i choose sybex's book to focus on learning, just review the knowledge about wan, the role of osi layers and do simulation problems, and then go to see cisco press's reportofficial teaching materials.

As for the preparation for the exam, we must read the guide before the exam. The time spent varies from person to person and from work to study environment. The experiments at the end of each chapter must not be underestimated, but should be done one by one in the simulation router software. I recommend SPOTO routersim ccna 2, ccna there are all the basic commands involved in the exam. The os interface is very lifelike (once, when i was reviewing with this software in an internship company, my colleagues mistook it for operating the router and asked me which one i modified). After all, even if there are experimental conditions, no one dares to change the configuration of the running device wantonly in order to do the experiment. I think we can do simulation test when we have 70 or 80% preparation. I recommend SPOTO router test 3.09 for simulation test software SPOTO has 12 sets of questions, each of which has 56 or 58 questions. His knowledge points are very comprehensive. In his practice test # 3, there are even some questions very similar to the original one.

When you do it, you should finish it all at once, and live scoring, back button, show#don't choose any of the answers. If you encounter a question that you don't know your mind, you should write down the question number. This kind of question should arouse your attention together with the wrong one. Analyze your problem according to the correct answers and tips. If you still don't understand, go to see what cisco press says there are few places for press textbooks, so it's not necessary to buy one. Just ask someone to borrow the electronic version. Before taking the exam, i'll take a look at sheet200. There are still many original questions on it, which can enhance my confidence.

Winner 8:

You should read all the blueprints provided on cisco's website. You can't take any chances. You should read all the parts about network theory on cisco's document cd, and pay attention to comparison in the process of reading. There are a lot of ios. The most irritating thing is that there are two vlan questions. One is to give several displays to judge which vlan is used, and the other is about fram tagging. I didn't read this part, but only did a few questions. It should be said that the difficulty is higher than the exercise questions. As for the empty questions, it's very easy, which is router rip.

When i was preparing, i read sybex's learning guide and did a lot of questions, keystone, ptc and SPOTO have done, feel ptc problem is too dogmatic, SPOTO is good, but there is still a certain gap with the actual exam, the actual exam questions need to be improvedbe flexible. Routersim is a must, and it is very helpful to memorize commands and patterns.

These tests are not difficult and relatively easy. The most important thing is that you can read the cbt textbook twice, and all the contents are mentioned in it. At the same time, SPOTO's question is good, i recommend it to you. I spent half a month on every exam.

Generally speaking, the examination questions of cisco are relatively flexible. Although some of them are dead things, the proportion is not large. The main way of the examination is to ask you to select the ones that meet the conditions from the dozens of commands listed in it. The important thing is to have a thorough understanding of all kinds of routing protocols, so as to avoid half understanding, otherwise in the actual examination, you will feel that you can't choose, as if you are right about all of them. The content of eigrp and bgp is relatively more in the examination. There is also a point, in the review process must be closely linked to the examination outline, to avoid the wrong direction.
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