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"The Thomas Crown Affair" is a remake of Norman Jewison's film of the same title in 1968. Then they starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, who also appears here in a cameo role. This time, however, director John McTiernan matched to the axis of the plot of his time. So here we do not have a bank robbery, and theft of outstanding works of art. The title Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) is an eccentric millionaire who can buy whatever your heart desires. It is also an attractive man, who did not resist any woman. His life is stable and orderly, but the Crown is eager for new challenges. One day disappears from the Metropolitan Museum one of the works of the great painter Monet. Millionaire is the last, which have suspected charge of the case Detective Michael McCann (Denis Leary). While another view is hired by an insurance company brilliant and beautiful lady detective Catherine Banning (Rene Russo).

He is known for playing British agent 007 Pierce Brosnan plays here in the form of Thomas Crown Affair.

The actor's natural boyish charm perfectly fit into the character played by his hero. Crown is a gentleman in every way, but also a big boy, you are only interested in fun. Quickly realizes that beautiful lady detective is a match for him. The game, which with each roll, is full of tricks and subterfuges. The key to understanding the motives of the Crown are his conversation with psychoanalyst (Faye Dunaway). Meanwhile, Rene Russo is not at all owe him.

Persistently keeps track of every step of your opponent, convinced from the beginning of their rations. Quickly realizes that the Crown is a rival much smarter than she thought.

Topic sensational "Thomas Crown Affair" at some point, intertwined with a love story.

Feeling that erupts between the main characters, is unpredictable. Here on the one hand we have a man who will not allow himself to get close to any woman until he proves it, that it depends on him. On the other hand, we firmly down to earth woman who is trying to attain his, will not fail to exceed certain limits. Far behind Brosnan Russo and Denis Leary remains. His character is a poor rival for the Crown and a poor partner for Banning. The story is conceived in such a way that viewers were not fully convinced that our heroes decide to be together, whether it can remain faithful to their convictions. Performances Brosnan and Russo make the film drags and watch it with pleasure ..