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Diving History

Pelagics are noticed here principally between May-August, which is also when currents attain ranges safe sufficient for diving. Some of our divers did film a thresher shark during their dive here. All aboard had been grateful for calm seas and to be aboard a ship as pimp as the Blue Fleet three.
The coolest water temperature is from December to February (21C/69F). diving hurghada 8 days South Abu Ramada is a dive website with big reefs of onerous and soft corals and sea fans sitting on a sandy bottom, and a really old wreck that is very a lot decayed.
I have traveled much farther in far much less comfy ships and, to be sincere, I don’t assume I can ever go back now. We have been speaking with the other divers as all of us arrived in Hurghada and every considered one of us was over the moon after we boarded and seemed around on the bar, the salon, the solar deck and, of course, our quarters. These shallower depths make it attainable for beginning divers to dive here as well.
Aside from diving, the South Abu Ramada site is famous for being a great snorkeling spot. Photography lovers also can take pleasure in good circumstances for taking photographs. The remoteness of these islands and depths of their waters could be quite dangerous.

  • British commonplace toilets, tub tubs and pipe tubes remain on and endlessly as part of the shallow reef to a depth from m.

  • Here are literally hundreds of jackfish, batfish, all kinds of sting rays and giant moray eels.

The plateaus of the reef and the coral make this a nice dive, which put my me in the perfect headspace for the 4 wreck dives that adopted. You will probably encounter some toilet seats, which have been part of the cargo of a ship referred to as Yolanda that sunk here in 1981.
This is the place most pelagics and education fish are spotted. The are is thought for the large colleges of Trevallies, Jacks and Barracudas that frequent it. Depth and the time taken to find and navigate the tunnel inevitably makes this dive a decompression dive requiring presumably prolonged decompression stops on ascent to be able to keep away from decompression illness .
We noticed loads of the standard reef fish similar to crown butterflyfish, clownfish, lizardfish, goatfish and parrotfish. There were additionally plenty of very small gobies perched on the sand, every one within a fast swim of its burrow. A large pufferfish was resting on the bottom, gently rocking, seemingly unperturbed by a bunch of divers swimming over it. There is no distinctive diving or non-diving season on this space, so diving is a yr-round activity. For divers who prefer a high water temperature as certainly one of their major criteria, it is higher to go in July via September, when the water temperature averages 28C/82F.

The wreck was popular for diving until 1984 when a storm forced it from the reef. It is a good idea for scuba divers to control the blue at Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef.