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As news spread around the world that Kevin Smith, the creator of the iconic "Sellers," is making a new comedy, the fans went crazy with happiness. top streaming sites The conservative Americans, for whom the title "Zack and Miri are making porn," heralded unequivocally iconoclastic, rude and disgusting monster, were less delighted. Ultimately, however, Smith restrained himself, or maybe he immediately had the assumption to shock with the idea and calm the work itself.

Here is this monster is more polite than grinning fangs. Under the layer of unsavory humor and a few spicier scenes - strongly softened by grotesque - lies a traditional romantic comedy with a message about friendship, love and making dreams come true. One could say: a movie about two friends, Zack and Miri, who are like siblings to each other, until they fall in love and live happily ever after. With the fact that they did porn with them in the lead roles. "Zack and Miri make porn" is a Smith movie in every inch.

You will find here all its traditional elements, motifs and characters. There is neither Silent Bob nor Jay, but one of the supporting and significant roles the director entrusted to his favorite, Jason Mewes (regular performer of Jay). There are also hockey, "Star Wars" and in general it plays with the cinema and its achievements. Fans of Smith's sense of humor will enjoy a considerable load of racist jokes and a new homosexual thread for the director, in which, with his usual mannerism, obviously makes themselves gay. It is worth mentioning that in this episode Justin Long appears in the life role of a gay porn star. However, this is all just a background. The most important for Smith is the title duo Zack (Seth Rogen) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks). Two friends who have known each other since early childhood, went to school together, partyed and grew up, are all they have for each other.

Literally, because they have very little at all.

They live in a crumbling house, they can't afford the bills, so they finally cut off their water and electricity. What's worse, it is the night before Thanksgiving.

Friends put up against the wall come up with a devilish idea - they'll shoot a pornos. After all, erotica is included. A truly pastiche party begins, because Smith has a sense of making fun of cinema and his universe. In his previous films he referred in great numbers to the mainstream, "Star Wars" or "Lord of the Rings" ("Sellers 2"!), Here the blade of irony is aimed at the porn industry, but it does one thing. But in this comedy a surprising main plot is born.

Well, being like brother and sister, Zack and Miri fall in love. Smith thus introduces the very traditional motifs of romantic comedy with a sudden explosion of feeling, rejection, misunderstanding and a great return in the finale. Happy End is inevitable. Kevin Smith is an intelligent creator, although in all his deliberation he uses primitive tools. As long as the ghost of Smith-erudite hovers over the film, "Zack and Miri make porn" maintain a very high level. Unfortunately, it happens that Smith-cham and erotomaniac get to the surface, and then the comedy becomes clumsy and disgusting. Fortunately for viewers, there are few such situations, and the film's additional asset is ultimately defending the image. Rogen and Banks are a perfect duo. Visually, they are the opposite, adorable Banks does not seem to suit Rogue at first glance. However, both of them are very nice, and Seth's amusing and a bit safandulous Zack can't be disliked. Smith's latest comedy is therefore a successful film, although not without mishaps. The divination scandal did not occur and the director did not sleep at the stake. And good, he will be able to create further.

Just as a stupid director, not as an aging pervert.