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Zakynthos offers to the customer a big variety of activities similar to scuba diving, horse driving, sailing, sports, bars and evening clubs. Other activities include the visit of the “shipwreck” on the north a part of the island and the very lovely “Marathonisi” on the west a part of the island. It is said that one summer evening, during their family holiday of 1977, Dimitris and Anna Margaritoulis found sea turtles nesting on a seashore in Zakynthos. They have been loggerhead sea turtles and till that point, the scientific community was unaware that these historic mariners had chosen Greek seashores to put their nests. Dimitris was amazed and inspired by the occasions he had witnessed and have become more involved.
He and his spouse started amassing data that proved the importance of Zakynthos as a nesting web site, with a number of nesting events occurring in numerous areas. He urged the Greek authorities to protect the seashores; articles had been printed in newspapers and magazines, and speeches got throughout Greece.
Some species are protected Caretta-Caretta turtles, the main pure attraction of the island, an endangered species found primarily within the islands of Zakynthos and Kefalonia. It is a big species of turtles, head and jaws robust, as much as 1.20 m. long sandy seashores of Laganas Bay are the locations where they lay their eggs on pleasant nights through the months June to August. These lovely animals may be seen in the bay water on the ferry to the island of leisure leads Marathonissi or to innotatorii skilled immediately from the water, swimming out to sea on the seashore Gerakas. Actually, the National Marine Park was based in 1999, to be able to preserve the pure surroundings and conserve the ecological stability of the marine and coastal area of the Bay of Laganas and Strophades Islands.
Caretta caretta reaches Zakynthos in summer time after having travelled hundreds of kilometers across the Mediterranean territory. During oviparity period, the feminine turtles head to the shore at night time and dig with their back fins massive holes within the sand, where they place 120 small eggs within the measurement of ping pong balls. They then head to the sea leaving behind their traces in the sand, a sign that marks the holy ritual of start. This is demonstrated by worldwide examples and by the experience of some 20 years before the National Marine Park of Zakynthos was set up and of final summer time, when the native authorities have been more or less powerless to act in opposition to the breaches of the park’s rules.
) founded in 1999, is a national park situated in Laganas bay, in Zakynthos island, Greece. The park, a part of the Natura 2000 ecological network, covers an area of 135 sq. kilometres and is the habitat of the loggerhead sea turtle . It is the primary national park established for the safety of sea turtles in the Mediterranean. What to do and see Zakythos island is famous for its lengthy sandy seashores as Kalamaki, Keri, Laganas, Tsilivi, Vassilikos and Argassi, and for Laganas bay where the necessary nesting seashore for the loggerhead sea turtle is situated.

  • The National Marine Park of Zakynthos goals to guard the nesting beaches of the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta, the monk seal Monachus monachus habitat and inhabitants, the avifauna, terrestrial and coastal flora and fauna, the marine ecosystem and fish shares.

Slow Tourism Season A Boon For Endangered Turtles On Zakynthos

It is house to the critically endangered Sea daffodil and submerged reefs in addition to lots of of species of flora and fauna, some of that are of nice significance. A resident inhabitants of the critically endangered species the Mediterranean monk seal monachus monachus is also current on the west coast of Zákynthos. Zákynthos is one of the most essential loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta nesting areas in the Mediterranean. Finding refuge in the marine area of the Bay of Laganas is actually a matter of survival for this lovely however critically endangered species.

Sea Turtle Nests At Record Heights In Zakynthos This Summer

It encompasses the marine space of the Bay of Laganás, the sea turtle nesting beaches and a zone of land adjoining them, the wetland of Keri Lake and the 2 small Strophades islands. It features a total of 36 km2 of terrestrial territory and one other ninety klm2 of marine area. The area features a variety of habitats, together with sand dunes and Posidonia oceanica beds.