Roofing and Rain Screen Cladding Needs of a Building

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Constructing a house is not an easy job and the ceiling and roof are two very tedious construction works for any builder. In order to build a proper, insulated and sturdy dwelling, the builder has to finish the fascia, soffit and cladding layers. For those who are not familiar with the terms fascia and soffit; a fascia is a horizontal board-like thing that spans across a column, while the soffit is the innermost part of a ceiling or the undermost layer of the roof.

The fascia is usually that part of the house that holds the rain gutter. The soffit is the layer that can be seen as a ceiling or as the layer that touches the top of the upper cabinets of the kitchen. They can also be found beneath stairs or an arch or the sides of a chimney. Now that you got familiar with the two seemingly technical terms of a roof, you ought to know about cladding as well. Cladding is generally an add-on for a building. It is not a prerequisite for every house, but will surely do wonders to the ones that incorporate cladding to their structure; especially the rain screen cladding, which is a constructional break through since mid-1940s.

Founded first in Norway, rain screen cladding is known to have several scientific advantages compared to any other constructional protective measures. A rain screen cladding can be described as a shield that encloses the building materials like cement and bricks from rains. It is dangerous for the edifice and the building material characteristics to be exposed to rains. roofing contractors albany and cement absorbs a lot of water if there is adequate protection. The porous nature of these materials will absorb copious amounts of moisture, consequently resulting in the failure of the structure gradually. Finally, the walls and roof will form considerable cracks and one fine day, they will give away and pose great danger to the inhabitants.

Cladding can be done to the walls and roofs of any structure. Let it be a small residence or a huge skyscraper; cladding can be done to any sort of structure, irrespective of its intricacy and size. It is also necessary to see that the water vapors accumulated between the minor spaces between the walls and the cladding are evaporated or removed without delay. For this purpose the cladding designs imbibe some special designs to provide ventilation that does not allow water to enter the space, but will surely remove the moisture content accrued. Apart from this technical sophistication, a rain screen cladding can also be made interesting enough, with attractive designs and colors, thereby providing protection and aesthetic feel to the outer walls of the construction.

In the UK, there you will come across several renowned and reputed roofing and cladding companies, which will accomplish an exceptional ceiling and rain screen cladding work. In fact, some companies will even give you a warranty of two to four years, within which, you will be not charged for any seeps caused by rain water.

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